Dear exhibitor,

The Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramics Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Related Products (ANFACER) has been the owner and organizer of EXPO REVESTIR, the largest covering solutions trade show in Latin America and the fourth largest in the segment worldwide, for almost 20 years.

Throughout these successful years, the event has become a mandatory presence for construction professionals and entrepreneurs, architects, engineers and professionals from other sectors of the construction chain, having reached the mark of 60,000 visitors in its 2020 edition. 

ANFACER, which has always sought to overcome the challenges of EXPO REVESTIR's growth over the years, this time faces a worldwide challenge that is difficult to overcome at this time and in the coming months: the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Concerned not only with its select public, but also with its exhibitors, collaborators and everyone involved in carrying out the EXPO REVESTIR, ANFACER sought several alternatives to the maintenance of the event, consulting high-level medical professionals, as well as the Public Power itself, through sending Official Letters to the Governor of the State of São Paulo and to the Mayor of the City of São Paulo. 

As a result of these consultations, it was found that there are no conditions for the realization of an event of the size of EXPO REVESTIR in the coming months. There is also no legal support or health protocol, as it was found, to allow an event to be held with more than 60,000 people, including visitors and exhibitors, in a pavilion with the dimensions of Expo Transamerica, with just over 40,000 square meters, without causing agglomeration, as is the EXPO REVESTIR.

In view of this situation, ANFACER informs its participants, exhibitors and all professionals and companies related to the realization and participation of EXPO REVESTIR, that the 2021 edition, scheduled for March, will be 100% digital. 

Everyone will be informed shortly.

ANFACER is in solidarity with all the victims of Covid-19, rooting for the prompt recovery of those fighting the disease and will be on the side of society in the fight against the spread of this new virus.
São Paulo, November 19, 2020